3 Dental Implant Options to Replace More Than One Missing Tooth

You have a variety of dental implant options to replace missing teeth. The option you choose depends on the number of missing teeth you have and the desired outcome. Get the details on your options, so you can make an informed decision when you visit the dentist.

1. Single tooth replacement

Single tooth replacement is the most basic dental implant option. While it is referred to as single tooth replacement, multiple teeth can be replaced with this option. This is a popular choice for people who have multiple missing teeth in different locations in their mouths.

How single tooth replacement works

During the process, the dentist inserts a titanium implant into the lower or upper jaw. The dental implant is fused with the bone, and over time, the bone grows around it. This stabilizes the implant and allows it to act as a root for the tooth.

Then, the dentist places a crown on top of the artificial root. The crown and the dental implant work together to create a tooth that feels and looks natural. The tooth is anchored in place and can handle normal functions, such as chewing.

2. Fixed multiple tooth replacement

Those who have several missing teeth can benefit from fixed multiple tooth replacement. These implants can replace multiple missing teeth that are located next to one another.

How fixed multiple tooth replacement works

This process begins with placing the implants. Two dental implants are typically placed in the jaw. The implants are located on each side of the gap created by the missing teeth.

Temporary crowns might be required during the healing process. Then, the dentist adds a fixed bridge to the top of the dental implant. The bridge is secured in place by the implants and fills the gap of the teeth. The bridge is customized to properly fit into the gap.

3. Removable implant-supported tooth replacement

People who are missing lots of teeth might choose removable implant-supported tooth replacement. This system supports lower or upper dentures, providing stability when eating and talking. People who are worried about their dentures slipping are good candidates for implant-supported tooth replacement.

How removable implant-supported tooth replacement works

The process differs depending on the location of the teeth. Those who are missing their lower teeth will require two to six implants. Those who are missing their upper teeth require at least four implants to secure the dentures in place.

Customized dentures are made for the implants and then secured in place. These dentures can be removed at any time, making it easy to clean and care for the dentures.

Choosing the right dental implant

Dental implants are used for single tooth replacement, fixed multiple tooth replacement and implant-supported dentures. Choosing the right option is the first step in restoring your smile. It can be difficult to know which implant is right for you before an examination. Let your dentist examine your teeth and recommend a replacement option.

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