Here are the Steps For Getting Dentures Fitted

Posted on: February 2, 2019

Getting dentures created for someone who needs teeth replaced because of losing them or having to get them extracted for one reason or another can be done relatively simply. The process is straight forward and typically only takes a few trips to the dentist to have the whole process completed.

In this article, we will give a brief overview of getting dentures fitted and created. Each step is vital to ensure the patient leaves with dentures they are proud to wear and fit properly.

Steps to getting dentures fitted

Getting dentures fitted is vital to ensure that a person's dentures are not too loose and do not slip out while they are wearing them.

Getting the mouth impression

After someone has lost some of their teeth, or an issue arises that requires the majority of the teeth need to be extracted, getting dentures may be the best option. Once all of the teeth are removed, an impression is the first step to have the dentures created.

The dentist will take an impression of the patient's mouth that will then be used to create the dentures. After the mold is made, the dentist will send it to the lab where the dentures will be designed. Ensuring the mold is correct before sending it to the lab is important. Sometimes a dentist will take two molds if they feel like it may have been compromised.

Creating the dentures from the impression

Once the mold is received at the lab, they will begin crafting and creating the dentures. Ensuring the dentures are the exact fit of the mold is important. Dentures that do not fit well or are too loose can be painful and cause other issues for patients. Because of this, special care is always given to ensure the construction aspect of creating dentures is completed precisely.

It is not common, however, if a mold becomes broken or deformed another impression will have to be made.

Receiving the dentures and fitting

After the dentures have been created by the lab, they will be sent back to the dentist's office. The dentist will inspect them and make sure there are no loose parts, and they meet the requirements and are in good condition.

The dentist will have the patient try the dentures on to ensure they are a good fit and there are not any issues. After having the patient wear them, they will let the patient speak and move their mouth to ensure there is no slipping that could cause the dentures to fall out.

At this point, if everything is working the patient properly will be free to leave with their new dentures. Dentists will typically give the patient some information about adjusting to the dentures. This adjustment period is normal for anyone getting dentures for the first time.

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