Why It’s Important to Leave Denture Repair to a Dental Professional

Denture Repair Emerson, NJ

In need of a denture repair? Those who wear dentures often find a need to have them repaired at one point or another. These tooth replacement appliances are extremely susceptible to damages. Their delicate materials make them extremely durable, but also prone to things like cracking or chipping. 

A common question that comes along with denture repair is what to do when it happens. Simply put, it is best to visit a dental professional immediately. Ready to find out why.

Visiting a dental professional for denture repair

The following article outlines what to expect from visiting a dental office for denture repair. Additionally, the importance of doing it this way is discussed.

Why is it important?

When a denture piece breaks or becomes damaged, patients are eager to fix it immediately, as dentures allow for normal eating, natural smiling and easy speaking. However, it is important to visit a dental professional for repair and to avoid any at-home remedies. Dental professionals are trained and equipped to administer dentures, which also makes them good candidates for repairs. 

At-home remedies for denture repair are not a good idea because dentures are specifically made with dental resources. It is rare that patients have the necessary resources to fix dentures at home. Additionally, at-home denture repair can make the oral pieces worse. Damages can worsen, which can lead to a need for replacement. Another risk is that the patient may only create a temporary fix, which could lead to more damages later on. 

In conclusion, it is always better to visit a dental professional to undergo denture repair. They can asses the dentures and determine what fixes are needed. If they are not able to perform the repair themselves, they can work with a dental lab to complete the process. Dental labs house the specialists who focus solely on the creation of oral appliances. 

How is in-office denture repair done?

Depending on the problem with the denture, the dentist may do a number of things to repair them. Outlined below are a few common fixes that can be done to complete a denture repair. 

  • Denture adhesives to close cracks 
  • Acrylic bonding, which can repair chips or cracks
  • Denture rebasing, which is needed when there are wear issues
  • Replacement of the artificial teeth pieces 

The most common types of denture problems are cracks, chips or broken pieces. These usually occur when the dentures are dropped or bit down on too roughly. Most of the time, a dental professional, such as a cosmetic or general dentist can repair the dentures so that the patient can get back to eating, smiling and speaking normally. 

Learn more today!

Visiting a dental professional for denture repair is the best place to start when an accident happens. They can appropriately repair the dentures so that future damage does not occur. Reach out today to learn more or to get started with a denture repair! Our team is here to help. 

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