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Why A Kid Friendly Dentist Is Important

Why A Kid-Friendly Dentist Is Important

A kid-friendly dentist is dedicated to children’s oral care from infancy to their teenage years. They have the same training as regular dentists but specialize in the oral health of kids. They can also help parents teach their children how to practice good oral hygiene.According to the American Dental Association, children should visit a dentist…

A Guide To Denture Rebases, Relines And Repairs

A Guide To Denture Rebases, Relines And Repairs

Especially for denture wearers today, seldom do problems arise. With improved materials and custom fits, most people go about their day with no issues at all. However, even well-made dentures can break or experience damage in some way. Instead of panicking, talk to your dentist about rebases, relines or repairs.Basically, when a denture wearer has…